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Helene de Kock lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with her husband dr. Jos de Kock.  They have been together for almost four decades and have three children, Jaco, Herman and Sylvia. Jaco died recently but they still consider him their son who now is living with God. Helene wrote a book about his death and the effect it had on them as a Christian family. Herman is married to Emmie and they have a beautiful daughter, Johanna Helene de Kock, called Hanna. Herman is a qualified minister of the church with a special interest in preaching and the spiritual care of hospice patients. He earns his living as a banker. He also writes. His wife, Emmie, is a trademark attorney.  Sylvia, a management leadership student, lives with them and also writes. Her passion is Christian gift books.

 Helene has been writing for more than 30 years and is still going strong. In fact, two new novels are due this year. Helene and Jos love to travel and she uses many colourful overseas as well as local settings for her novels. Many of her stories take place in the beautiful Eastern Free State where the family lived for quite some time. The Western Cape, with its green vineyards and blue mountains is another favourite, frequently visited place that casts its spell over many a story.

 Although Helene writes about love, all her novels are as much about the importance, joys and demands of good relationships. Even though they are all ‘feel good’ novels, the emphasis is on real life.

 Helene is currently working on a new novel which spans almost a century. It is the traumatic love stories of two women who had to endure the conflict that war brings, as well as the onslaught of a more spiritual nature.   Helene is currently also doing a Masters degree in Creative Writing. The result of this study is in fact this new novel ‘Dieper Water’.